About us

What is the CSE Club?

The Computer Science and Engineering Club aims to bridge the gap between all CSE students in order to enhance their undergraduate experience and provide a sense of belonging and community. The CSE Club promotes connections and socialization among hundreds of CSE students at CSUSB every year, as well as other students interested in the art of Computer Science and Engineering. Additionally, workshops, talks and other special events are held to encourage technical and academic interest, as well as to foster academic growth and development.

Our tutoring program

We offer free in-person and remote tutoring for all current Computer Science and Engineering Students. All of our students are trained to help and many of them are Masters Students. This service has not been finalized and is planned to start in Spring 2023.

Events we offer

We offer workshops, tours, and speakers from various studios all over the industry. Often we will have a meeting where a qualified member of the club will explain a Computer Science topic they greatly understand. We also plan to host Game Jams and Hackathons, as well as collaborative projects featuring the Cyber Security clubs and the VR Lab in the near future.

Our equipment

In our research lab in JB 361 we have equipment for all factors of software of development and research. We offer 3D printers, 3D Scanners, High Computational Computers, CNC Machines, and many more. We have tools for game development such as Xbox developer kits and Valve Index Virtual Reality Headsets. The lab is open for any student to use.

How can I join?

As of right now the best way to join the club is through joining the Discord Guild and participating in the club activities, In the future we will have official sign up sheets available on the website.

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The Cal State San Bernardino Computer Science and Engineering Club is committed to building a community of technical students.
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